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David Swirsky and John Alden

David Swirsly and John Alden are individually gifted songwriters who often join forces and combine their considerable talents. Their songs combine meaningful lyrics with great tunes - contemporary music at its best.

David is a New York City DJ whose songs have been recorded by a variety of artists and have received critical acclaim throughout the industry. He is a versatile writer who creates hook-filled melodic songs in a variety of genres.

David Swirsky



John is a performing artist and producer who has performed in recent shows for the New York Songwriters' Circle and the Songwriters' Hall of Fame.

John Alden

If you are a music industry executive and require a hard copy of any of the songs featured hear, please Contact Us.




I Can't Concentrate


Strong, exciting and insistent. Great for male soloist or boy band.

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Never Say I Love You Again


Wonderful melody reflects moving lyrics. (Female)

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One Call away


Extremely catchy & upbeat tune

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What You Believe


Real emotional impact

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